Rats go nuts for peanut butter

Publish Date : 30 Sep 2019
Nuts for peanut butter
Auckland Council is trialling a twist on traditional trapping in Auckland's bush. Photo Credit: Luke Harvey

Auckland Council is hoping that rats will go nuts over a new twist on rat trapping.

Selleys have gifted over 22,000 rat bait blocks loaded with Nut Brothers' peanut butter. The Talon wax blocks will be used in continuing trapping efforts on the Hauraki Gulf Islands and in remote rural areas as a part of the Pest Free Auckland Programme.

The Pest Free Auckland programme aims to eradicate pests and restore native wildlife by 2050.

Rats go nuts over peanut butter - Bellbird
Pest Free Auckland has been working to eradicate pests to create a better environment for native wildlife like the New Zealand Bellbird (korimako).

According to Brett Butland, Auckland Council's Pest Free Auckland Director, an unusually high seeding led to a wealth of food for native species. This has also fuelled high populations of pests such as rats and stoats. These pests pose a serious threat to native wildlife as predator populations build up during the spring and summer months.

"We want to stay ahead of the game and ensure our predator free islands remain that way." 

"We know that rats prefer organic oils - like the ones contained in peanut butter - and they're more likely to draw the pests to the bait stations. The rat bait and peanut butter work really well together." 

"We're working really closely with the projects who are receiving this to ensure that it's used appropriately and effectively."  Those projects include Pohutukawa Trust, Forest Bridge Trust, and Predator Free Franklin.

Auckland Council's Pest Free Auckland programme is partially funded by the Natural Environment Targeted Rate.

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