Auckland Council to consult on Emergency Budget

Last Updated : 18 Aug 2020

Updated 16 June 2020

Next month Aucklanders will be asked to have their say on Auckland Council’s proposed ‘emergency budget’, its response to the financial impacts of COVID-19.

It is anticipated that a new round of public consultation will be carried out from late May until mid-June, with adoption by the council’s Governing Body in late July 2020.

Last week, the Emergency Committee agreed to further consultation with Aucklanders on options for rate increases of 2.5 per cent (the equivalent of $1.35 per week) or 3.5 per cent (the equivalent of $1.83 per week) among a suite of other measures aimed at offering support to all ratepayers, including businesses, facing hardship due to the impacts of COVID-19.

Finance updates to the council

These committee decisions were made following earlier confidential updates to Councillors on the potential financial implications of COVID-19 on the council’s financial position, the management of emerging financial risks and the impacts for Annual Budget 2020/2021 preparations.

This information was provided to the council’s Audit and Risk Committee and Emergency Committee over the past two weeks and was based on best available information at that time. Work to update this information is now underway. They include [links open in PDFs]:

Audit and Risk Committee 14 April

Emergency Committee 16 April

Emergency Committee 23 April

Emergency Committee 21 May

Emergency Committee 28 May

Budget Consultation process

Following consultation feedback, input from Local Boards and decisions by the council’s Governing Body, the budget is likely to be considered for adoption by the council’s Governing Body at the end of July.

The council is developing a range of online options to replace traditional public feedback events unable to be held in levels 2 or 3. There will also be more direct outreach through community organisations and other council partners to ensure as many Aucklanders as possible get the opportunity to provide feedback.

The Emergency Budget consultation is in addition to consultation carried out in March with Aucklanders on the Annual Budget 2020/2021.

Further information will be provided when the consultation timeline is confirmed.

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