Muriwai: Placard downgrade process continued

Last Updated : 01 Sep 2023
Placard Downgrade Story

UPDATE: Property placard downgrades

Last week 44 properties were able to have their placards downgraded or removed based on the findings of the GHD landslide risk assessment. An additional 12 properties were inspected on 25 August and were also downgraded.


We received preliminary data from GHDs modelling to be able to look at compiling a list of properties which could have their placards downgraded. Although the GHD results aren’t final yet, we have started the review process and are confident that the information is suitable for these placard changes. This process is underway and further inspections of these properties by Auckland Council compliance staff commenced on Monday, 21 August.

As mentioned in last week’s newsletter, property owners that can have their placard downgraded will be informed this week via email. In some cases, this will mean that some people can return to their homes safely (see message below from Watercare and Vector on this). Within this group, there are a small number of properties that will have their red placard downgraded to a yellow placard, which means there are some restrictions at the property, and this will be explained to these individual property owners by their case manager.

We recognise that this process of removing some placards will be bittersweet for the Muriwai community as some residents are able to go home, while others will still be waiting until next week to learn of their category and next step. We also acknowledge that property owners that don’t receive notification of their placard downgrading will have added anxiety ahead of Monday’s communication. We apologise for any additional stress this places on you. Our commitment has been to provide new information to homeowners as soon we have it so that homeowners have certainty as quickly as possible. In the case of removing placards, we want people to be able to have this certainty so they can plan for their return home.

Watercare message on returning home

Those properties on Watercare water supply had water turned off at the gate valve to reduce the risk of leaks while properties were not occupied. When you return home, please check the gate valve is turned on and flush your pipes by using an outdoor tap for 5-10 minutes. Should you experience any issue in restoring water to your property, or find a leak, please report this to our Watercare faults team online or by calling 09 442 2222.

As water supply to Muriwai is currently via tanker, we ask all residents to be water wise and make efforts to conserve water where possible.

Onsite wastewater systems

As mentioned in the 2 August newsletter, onsite wastewater systems require regular maintenance to ensure they operate correctly. Once you regain access to your property, we recommend requesting an inspection and service of the system prior to use. This can be done through your own service provider. 

The council website has information and guidance on managing wastewater on your property, as well as a list of service providers.

Vector message on returning home

Vector recommends that each property has its electrical installation inspected before livening to ensure it is electrically safe.

If any homeowner previously requested an emergency electricity / gas disconnection or temporary disconnection, please contact Vector on 0508 VECTOR (0508 832 867) to have the property reconnected. Homeowners should also contact their energy retailer.

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