Muriwai geotech update: 24 April

Last updated 6 June

Publish Date : 24 Apr 2024

There are several Oaia Road properties (in the Muriwai GHD study area) that are currently under review by our external geotechnical advisory panel, and subsequently, have not received their property categorisations.

Due to this delay, Auckland Council has decided to separate these Oaia Road properties from the rest of Muriwai. This will enable GHD to provide us with the overall Muriwai Landslide Risk Assessment Report and Muriwai Mitigations Report next week. We will provide this to affected residents shortly after.

Please remember if your property is outside of the Muriwai GHD study area and you have opted into the property categorisation programme as an individual property owner, we are still progressing your property categorisation and this will be provided in the coming months.

4 June 2024 update

GHD has completed the final Muriwai Landslide Risk Assessment Report (Revision 2). This report has been sent to all homeowners in the GHD study area.

You can view the first 100 pages of the report online, by clicking on the link below. If you would like to view the whole report, you will need to download the PDF (93 MB) using the same link.

GHD’s Waitakere Coastal Communities Landslide Risk Assessment Overall Report – Muriwai (93 MB).

GHD's final Muriwai Mitigations Options Report has also been sent to homeowners, but as this is only relevant for some properties within the GHD study area it will not be made available on OurAuckland.

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