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Housing 2 Jun 2016

National Policy Statement could be useful tool

Auckland’s mayor and deputy mayor believe the proposals contained in the National Policy Statement on Urban Development Capacity (NPS) will provide a useful tool in measuring and meeting demand for land for both housing and business.

Housing 2 Jun 2016

Social response needed to Auckland's growth

The social impact of intensification was the theme of the Auckland Council Community Development and Safety Committee meeting 1 June.

Development 1 Jun 2016

Get free eco-design advice to make your home warm and healthy

Auckland Council’s eco design advisors offer free, in-home consultations on how to make your home healthier and more energy efficient.

Housing 31 May 2016

Watch: It's not just housing

Dr Lee Beattie discusses the importance of creating strong communities in new housing developments.

Housing 30 May 2016

Building Control's Ian McCormick scoops building award

Auckland Council Building Control general manager Ian McCormick was in the spotlight again recently – as a proud recipient of a Building Officials Institute of New Zealand (BOINZ) award.

Plans / Projects 26 May 2016

A well planned Whenuapai deserves more than piecemeal housing projects

Auckland Council wants to create a great, well-planned community for Whenuapai, not simply a series of piecemeal housing developments, said Deputy Mayor Penny Hulse.

Housing 25 May 2016

Updated: Urban boundary myth busted

Auckland Council is busting the myth that there is a constraint on building beyond Auckland’s current Metropolitan Urban Limit (MUL).

Plans / Projects 19 May 2016

Council now decision-maker in waiting on UP

With hearings on the Proposed Unitary Plan now complete, council’s role is now a bit like a judge about to hear closing arguments in a case.

Community 18 May 2016

Opinion: Auckland’s renters need greater protection

In the first of a two-part interview, Professor Philippa Howden-Chapman talks to OurAuckland about Auckland's housing challenges.

Housing 18 May 2016

Auckland Council working to improve consent services

Auckland Council is looking at new ways to improve building consent processes with aims of speeding approvals, reducing costs and ensuring consistency.

Housing 18 May 2016

Opinion: The hidden cost of our unhealthy rental homes

Professor Philippa Howden-Chapman talks to OurAuckland about the cost of unhealthy homes and the need for a rental warrant of fitness.

Housing 13 May 2016

First homes built in Ormiston Town Centre

Ormiston is expected to have a population the size of Dunedin in less than 15 years.

Plans / Projects 13 May 2016

Auckland Unitary Plan reaches major milestone

Hearings before the Independent Hearings Panel come to an end tomorrow.

Housing 12 May 2016

Latest news on Auckland Unitary Plan

Information on the next steps in the process towards finalising the unitary plan has been released by the Auckland Unitary Plan Independent Hearings Panel.

Development 11 May 2016

Opinion: It's not just housing

Dr Lee Beattie, Deputy Head of Urban Planning and Design at the University of Auckland, on Auckland's housing issues.

Housing 26 Apr 2016

Agreement set to help ease housing issues

The Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment, the Hobsonville Land Company and Nga Maunga Whakahii o Kaipara Trust on 26 April signed a memorandum of understanding that is likely to result in new housing to help ease Auckland’s housing crisis.