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Dogs 18 Jul 2016

Maggie the Mobility Dog in training

Meet Maggie. She’s a voluntary member of Auckland Council’s staff with a very special purpose.

Dogs 5 Jul 2016

Amnesty registers 1,225 dogs

The Menacing Dogs Amnesty has expired, with 1,114 dog owners registering 1,225 dogs.

Dogs 29 Jun 2016

Amnesty seekers flood council in last days

More than 1,000 dog owners have registered for the Menacing Dogs Amnesty, which expires this Thursday 30 June.

Dogs 23 Jun 2016

A Dog’s Story app educates thousands

Our dog safety education app 'A Dog’s Story' launched in April, and 16,000 people have already had a play with it.

Dogs 22 Jun 2016

Amnesty most successful ever undertaken

The menacing dogs amnesty is the most successful ever undertaken in Auckland with 676 dogs already signed up by 610 owners.

Dogs 20 Jun 2016

A pit bull's best friend

Dylan Walton and Lennox are the faces of the menacing dogs amnesty. This is their story.

Dogs 9 Jun 2016

De-sexing your dog is safe and recommended

SPCA veterinarian Rosalind Holland says de-sexing is one of the most important things you can do for your dog.

Dogs 9 Jun 2016

Local dog access rules review

Several local boards are reviewing dog access on local beaches and parks.