Glenfield Library

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06 Sep 2022 - 29 Sep 2022

September Composting Workshops

Learn how to compost with compost bins, bokashi bins and worm farms.

01 Oct 2022

School Holidays – Scratch Sketch Drawings

Children aged 5-13yrs can scratch, sketch and draw.

01 Oct 2022 - 30 Oct 2022

October Composting Workshops

This free workshop offers an introduction to composting with bokashi bins, worm farms and cold composting bins.

04 Oct 2022

School Holidays – Unbelievable Ed Hillary

Children aged 5-13 years can utilise their fine motor skills and imagination to create a wonderful craft.

11 Oct 2022

School Holidays – Frankentoys

Children aged 5-13 years can create wonderful crafts.

12 Oct 2022

Kiakaha - Teaching digital confidence and skills

Adults can learn new skills and build confidence using digital devices.

12 Oct 2022

School Holidays – Tangrams and Tessellations

Children aged 5-13 years can create Maths shapes with character and pizazz.

14 Oct 2022

School Holidays – Engineering and Construction

Children 5-13 years can bring their friends and have fun.