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A simple guide for dog walkers during Level 2

Published: 21 May 2020

Auckland Council’s dog walking guidance has been updated to reflect the move to Alert Level 2.

Aucklanders should continue to play it safe. While we have more freedom of movement at Alert Level 2, it’s still up to each of us to keep the rest of New Zealand safe.

Driving to dog areas

It’s now okay to drive to dog walking areas out of your neighbourhood. This means you are free to return to your dogs’ favourite beach or park. Remember to keep your distance from people and other dogs though.

Dogs on leash

Dog access rules and bylaws haven’t changed during COVID-19 restrictions, however the council strongly recommends owners keep their dogs on a leash at all times to avoid coming into close contact with someone else or their dog. This includes within off-leash exercise areas.

The COVID-19 associated risk with walking a dog off-leash is that the dog may interact with another human or dog in a way which forces you to break social distancing rules.

Groups and social distancing

You can meet up with friends or family for a dog walk, just keep your group small (fewer than 10 people and fewer than 10 dogs). Keep track of where you’ve been and who you’ve seen.

It is still important to keep your distance from other people in public. Continue to maintain a social distance of two metres between yourself and people you don’t know while dog walking.

Interacting with other people’s dogs

You can walk dogs belonging to other people and allow others to walk your dog.

The risk of a human transmitting COVID-19 to a dog is very low, and there’s no evidence to date of pets spreading COVID-19 to people. So, it’s fairly safe to allow your dog to interact with other dogs and humans during your walk, and for you to pat other dogs, if social distancing between humans is maintained.

If interacting with other dogs out in public, it’s important to wash your hands often.


If someone in your household has COVID-19, then any dogs in the household should only be exercised on your property, not in public.

You also shouldn’t ask a friend, neighbour, or professional dog walker to exercise your dog for you at this time.

Washing hands

Good hygiene practices should be maintained before, during and after exercising your animals. Always wash your hands after exercising your dog in public.

More information

For the most up-to-date information about COVID-19, visit

For more information about dog rules and regulations, click here.

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