Watch: Tupu Youth Library goes digital

Publish Date : 20 Sep 2016

With a big collection of graphic novels and comics, TVs and a table tennis table, Tupu Youth Library is a place of fun and learning.

“We can go outside the box. We can say ‘let’s do this and how do you want to do it?’ So the kids will say ‘we want to do it this way’ Yep, let’s do it this way, you shape how it’s run,” says Community Library manager, Richard Misilei.

Recently, Tupu celebrated fifteen years of finding new ways of connecting young people to the world of information and ideas.

The latest has been a partnership between Auckland Libraries, Huawei and Spark that has allowed a group of 6 to 8 year olds to experiment with wearables and tablets after school, allowing them to create, store and share digital content.

“It’s been great being able to open the door to the digital world for the kids who come to Tupu." 

"The partnership with Huawei and Spark has allowed us to offer that,” says Misilei.

The pilot scheme has become a regular feature at the library, and will continue running two afternoons a week during the school term. It’s all part of adding to the library’s ability to help young people build their digital skills and confidence to share their stories with a wider audience.

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