Recycling, rubbish and food scraps collection days change

Changes to streamline Auckland's waste pick-up

Publish Date : 18 Jun 2024
Family Of Bins OA
Auckland Council family of three bins.

Some suburbs across the region will have a new rubbish, recycling and food scraps collection day, as Auckland Council continues to streamline its waste operations in its mission to achieve zero waste by 2040.

From 1 July 2024, changes to council collection days will see some Aucklanders putting their bins out on a different day of the week than they are used to.

For a number of residents, their recycling week will also change.

Auckland Council’s GM Waste Solutions Parul Sood says the changes affect around 113,000 properties across Auckland Central, Manukau, East Auckland, Papakura, and Franklin.

“As Auckland’s population and housing continue to grow, we must adapt our resources to meet residents’ needs while ensuring cost-effective services. This means we need to adjust some routes, days and times for our rubbish, recycling and food scraps collection services, to ensure we’re operating at maximum efficiency.

“Rubbish and food scraps collections will continue to be collected weekly, and recycling collections fortnightly,” Ms Sood says.

“We understand that changing bin collection days can be inconvenient and take some time to get used to. We thank Aucklanders for accepting this change as it helps make the best use of our resources and keeps services cost-effective.”

Affected residents are being notified by letter or mail drop.

Residents can also check the collection day and recycling weeks for their property at

Residents should continue to put their rubbish, food scraps and recycling bins out on the roadside the night before or prior to 7am on their council collection day.

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