Walkways 4 Jun 2019

Which Auckland path will you follow?

Discover more than 200 walking and cycle paths with the Akl Paths website.

Walkways 4 Jun 2019

Get together on these east Auckland walks

Take a look at our list of the top eight walks to do in east Auckland.

Walkways 4 Jun 2019

Get together on these south Auckland walks

Take a stroll on these six south Auckland walks and check out AklPaths for more places to explore.

Walkways 4 Jun 2019

Get together on these north Auckland walks

Explore Auckland's coastline and regional parks with our pick of six of the best walks.

Walkways 4 Jun 2019

Give us your thoughts on Akl Paths and be in to win!

$500 Rebel Sport voucher up for grabs.

Environment 2 May 2019

Community groups pitch in for green spaces

Elly Strang meets some of the community-led groups battling on behalf of nature in our city.

Community 14 Mar 2019

What lower speed limits mean for public health

Dr Michael Hale of Auckland Regional Public Health Service tells us why speed is a factor in public health.

Sports / Leisure 15 Feb 2019

Staying safe during Get Outdoors Week

Whether you’re keen on a long walk, trail run or mountain biking, check our top tips for outdoor safety.

Beaches 18 Dec 2018

Auckland day trips to take this summer

Celebrate summer with our pick of the best day trips throughout the region.

Transport 12 Dec 2018

When and where 30km/h is just ‘right’

We will soon be consulting on a region-wide bylaw which could see speed limits reduced by June 2019.

Transport 3 Dec 2018

Improving safety for pedestrians in Torbay and Mairangi Bay

Auckland Transport is working with Hibiscus and Bays Local Board to change roads in Torbay and Mairangi Bay town centres.

Cycling 3 Dec 2018

Why we're committed to walking and cycling

Auckland Transport Chief Executive Shane Ellison explains why we're investing in active modes.

Beaches 31 Oct 2018

17 things to do in Auckland in spring

Top picks for enjoying the warmer days and long spring evenings.

Cycling 4 Oct 2018

Seven safety tips for magpie swooping season

Nesting magpies can be particularly aggressive about defending their young – see how to stay safe when they swoop.

Sports / Leisure 17 Sep 2018

101 park must-do's

Here are 101 fun and affordable ideas to get you exploring Auckland's parks.

Environment 5 Sep 2018

1080 programme spells end for rats and possums

In just 12 months the Hunua Ranges has gone from being over-run with rats and possums to having the lowest pest indices in decades.