Unite against COVID-19

Auckland Council update on COVID-19

Auckland Council’s response to COVID-19 is stepping up.

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Mayor Goff establishes Mayoral Business Advisory Panel

Mayor Phil Goff today announced the formation of a Mayoral Business Advisory Panel (COVID) to help work through the issues created by the COVID-19 lockdown and to assist the city’s transition back to normal economic activity when the lockdown is lifted.

Critical social need met by redeployed council staff

Making meals for the Auckland City Mission in the council kitchen.

Our cemetery and cremation services

How we're managing burials and cremations under Alert Level 4.

Playgrounds closed during lockdown

Aucklanders are advised to steer clear of all playgrounds and not play on basketball courts or sports fields during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Week one, done

A round-up of some key facts about our essential council services under Alert Level 4.

Auckland Council guarantees freight of essential goods to Great Barrier Island

Auckland Council has guaranteed the delivery of essential goods and services to Aotea / Great Barrier Island to ensure residents have access to critical medical supplies, medical testing material, fresh food and essential service workers.

Waste essential services continue

Here are the steps that you can take during this lockdown period to make sure your kerbside collection is picked up.

Update on parking in Auckland under Alert Level 4

It is critical that our transport network continues to operate efficiently during COVID-19 Alert Level 4.

AT Mobile app now showing real-time bus capacity

New app feature encourages physical distancing during travel to essential services.

Harbourmaster urges Aucklanders to stay off the water

Auckland Transport is urging recreational boaties in the Auckland region to stay off the water during the four-week-long COVID-19 lockdown.