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Kauri dieback

Kauri dieback 11 May 2021

Takapuna Beach home to ancient fossilised forest

At the northern end of Takapuna Beach, curious-looking basalt formations can be seen across the shore platform at low tide.

Kauri dieback 31 Mar 2021

Auckland Council successful in first kauri dieback prosecution

Wandering walker found guilty of breaching bylaw

Environment 16 Feb 2021

Kauri compliance message making a mark

This summer has seen non-compliant behaviour trending down across the region.

Environment 10 Dec 2020

What's on the horizon for kauri tracks in 2021

Several tracks in the regional park network have already re-opened with upgrade works to others either underway or about to start.

Environment 10 Dec 2020

Vandalism takes shine off kauri dieback track upgrades

Auckland ratepayers have been hit by acts of vandalism in local and regional parks where kauri tracks have been closed to the public for upgrades. So far, it has cost them over $100,000.

Environment 22 Oct 2020

What your targeted rates have preserved over the past year

Auckland's environment is benefitting from the natural environment and water quality targeted rates.

Kauri dieback 6 Oct 2020

Protect our Kauri during Labour Weekend

Stephen Bell, Western Principal Ranger encourages people to explore the region but to keep kauri protection top of mind this weekend.

Environment 6 Oct 2020

Enjoy the outdoors and take care of our kauri this weekend

The weather’s looking perfect for the long weekend, perfect enough to draw many thousands of Aucklanders and visitors into the great outdoors.

Environment 18 Sep 2020

Huia tracks reopen as kauri dieback programme progresses

Aucklanders can enjoy the beauty of the Karamatura Valley once more now remedial work has been completed on three tracks.

Environment 2 Sep 2020

First wash-down station opens to council teams and contractors

As part of the fight against kauri dieback, we’ve installed the first semi-automatic vehicle wash-down station at Hunua to support staff and contractors working in, around or near kauri sites in the Hunua Ranges.

Environment 26 Aug 2020

Horsing around in regional parks brings responsibilities

Whether you're going for a morning jog, walking the dog, hiking through the bush, or riding the trails, it is critical to consider the risk of spreading kauri dieback disease.

Environment 20 Jul 2020

Staying safe while exploring all Auckland has to offer

School holidays are upon us and after the COVID-19 lockdown, getting outdoors to connect with nature with family might be the very thing that is needed.

Kauri dieback 6 Mar 2020

White Track latest to reopen as upgrade programme progresses

Improvement work by Auckland Council on walking tracks across the Tāmaki Makaurau region continues to forge ahead.

Kauri dieback 19 Dec 2019

Progress on kauri dieback programme

Busy summer ahead for kauri dieback teams, with more upgraded track set to open.

Akl Paths 17 Dec 2019

Trail running adventure on the Manukau Harbour coastal trails

Steering clear of the Waitakere Ranges, a group of west Auckland trail runners is exploring the network of coastal trails around Manukau Harbour.

Kauri dieback 16 Dec 2019

Kauri ambassadors out in parks for summer

Summer is here and so are our kauri ambassadors, who will be out and about in parks and on open tracks for the next few months.