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Parks / Outdoors 17 Oct 2017

Quiz: How much of a conservation expert are you?

Put your knowledge to the test this Conservation Week (14-22 October).

Environment 11 Oct 2017

6000 trees protected in the Unitary Plan

Central government’s removal of general tree protection in most urban areas has shifted focus on how remaining tools for protection of urban vegetation are performing.

Environment 9 Oct 2017

Bee considerate

Auckland suburbs are undergoing a bee revival as residents embrace the opportunity to host hives in their gardens.

Environment 29 Sep 2017

Living lightly comes naturally for Parnell family

For Vanessa King and her son Matti, living lightly runs in the family.

Environment 29 Sep 2017

9 ways you can 'live lightly'

Live Lightly shows the everyday lifestyle choices we can all make to save money, have a healthier life and care for our planet.

Environment 28 Sep 2017

How to beat African clubmoss

African clubmoss is a serious pest that can spread quickly.

Beaches 27 Sep 2017

Auckland Council leads the way in erosion and sediment control

Auckland Council has worked with industry experts and mana whenua to produce the GD05 document, which provides guidance for regulators and developers to safely and effectively incorporate sediment control practices into all scales of land developm...

Community 22 Sep 2017

What can Auckland learn from Toronto?

The Auckland Conversations: Liveable=Affordable event was held on Friday 22 September at the Viaduct Events Centre, as part of the RMLA conference.

Environment 22 Sep 2017

Protecting pollinators from pesticides

As much as we love bees, many home gardeners are inadvertently damaging them in the process of creating the perfect garden.

Environment 15 Sep 2017

How to encourage bees to visit your garden

A single bee can visit up to 5000 flowers in a single day.

Development 14 Sep 2017

How you can help the bees

Bees are an endlessly fascinating part of our ecosystem.

Parks / Outdoors 11 Sep 2017

6 great ways to get rid of litter

Here are a few things you can do to get litter off our streets, beaches, parks and waterways and everywhere in between.

Educational 29 Aug 2017

5 MORE amazing places to see native New Zealand birds

Our readers' picks for the top places to see native birds in Auckland.

Environment 26 Aug 2017

Tips for trapping rats

Rats may be small but they have a massive impact on our native fauna and flora.

Environment 25 Jul 2017

Watch out for Chinese knotweed

Chinese knotweed is a fast-growing vine that smothers all available surfaces, including plants and trees.

Community 24 Jul 2017

Blooming marvellous! Auckland Botanic Gardens receives top award

Auckland Botanic Gardens has received a Qualmark Award.