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Safer speeds bylaw consultation opens

AT is seeking public feedback on plans to make Auckland's roads safer by reducing speed limits in some areas.

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Aucklanders urged to have their say on their Annual Budget

The four-week Annual Budget consultation focuses on issues around rates, growth and local priorities.


Bylaw changes: Begging activity

We're changing bylaw wording that addresses begging in Auckland.


Managing cats to protect biodiversity

Pest management is an important tool for ensuring the protection of New Zealand’s biodiversity.

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Bylaw changes to further protect the health of Aucklanders

Auckland Council wants to ensure services have appropriate hygiene or health practices in place.

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Consultation opens on representation review

Consultation opens 8 August on proposed changes to Auckland Council’s ward and local board subdivision boundaries.

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Have your say on the Facility Partnerships Policy

The new draft policy focuses on delivering more community facilities and building stronger partnerships with community organisations.

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Help develop Auckland's climate action plan

How should we adapt to a changing climate?


Have your say on the proposed Regional Fuel Tax

Aucklanders have the opportunity to have their say on the future of Auckland’s transport system during a public consultation on a proposed Regional Fuel Tax (RFT) and the projects it could fund.

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Clear support by Aucklanders for regional fuel tax

The regional fuel tax (RFT) has received majority support from Aucklanders according to a Colmar Brunton poll of just under 4000 people.


Experts weigh in on environment targeted rates

At our Auckland Conversations event on the environment as part of the 10-year Budget and Auckland Plan 2050 consultation, we discussed the challenges facing our environment.


How do we make Auckland's growth work for everyone?

John Mauro: We can turn the growth problem into an opportunity.

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Thousands of Aucklanders have their say in opening weeks of consultation

About 4300 Aucklanders have provided feedback in the first week and a half of public consultation on the council’s 10-year Budget and Auckland Plan 2050.