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Housing 21 Oct 2015

Chief Economist delves into Auckland housing

Auckland Council Chief Economist Chris Parker comments on our rising house prices

Housing 21 Oct 2015

Auckland Council working hard on the housing crisis

Auckland Council is painfully aware of Auckland’s housing crisis and we are working hard to address some of the barriers to the provision of affordable housing.

Housing 19 Oct 2015

Council strongly committed to heritage protection

Councillor Alf Filipaina explains how the council is strongly committed to protecting Auckland’s built heritage.

Housing 16 Oct 2015

Auckland Council to set housing goal

Auckland Council will set a goal to bring down the ratio of median home purchase price-to-median household income to five-to-one by 2030.

Housing 29 Sep 2015

Affordable housing for Aucklanders

Auckland Council works with community housing organisations that provide warm, secure housing for those who may struggle to rent or buy privately.

Housing 29 Sep 2015

How healthy is your home?

It’s time to get your home sorted so that you and your family stay warm, dry and healthy.

Housing 28 Sep 2015

A game-changing development

Auckland recently took another step towards unlocking the potential of more than one billion worth of council-owned land under management when Panuku Development Auckland opened its doors on 1 September.

Housing 28 Sep 2015

Making rate payments work for you

If you’re an Auckland ratepayer and you pay your rates in quarterly instalments, your next payment for the 2015/2016 rating year is due by 5pm on Friday 27 November.