Policies / Regulations

Business / Economy 31 Jul 2019

How your rates are spent – a round up

NZ Herald's 'how your rates are spent' series recently highlighted examples of where Auckland Council money was spent and saved.

Environment 29 Jul 2019

Closing the gap - sediment control from the start

The Strategic Approach to Sediment programme was developed by staff during 2018 and endorsed by the Environment and Community Committee in December 2018. This was in recognition of the need to develop regional scale mechanisms to drive a reversal of the environmental decline caused by sediment runoff into freshwater and coastal receiving environments.

Community 25 Jul 2019

Councillors vote to increase Regional Historic Heritage Grants Fund

Members of Auckland Council’s Environment and Community Committee were today unanimous in their support to increase the councils Regional Historic Heritage Fund, voting to increase the fund from the current $84,000 fund to an amount of up to $500,000.

Community 15 Jul 2019

Lower speed limits essential for safer roads

Caroline Perry, NZ director at Brake, writes about the necessity of making Auckland's roads safer.

Policies / Regulations 8 Jul 2019

Auckland Council receives support for ban on private fireworks sales

Auckland Council’s call for a law change to ban the sale and private use of fireworks has been supported by a majority of New Zealand’s councils at this weekend’s Local Government New Zealand (LGNZ) conference.

Transport 4 Jul 2019

Debunking arguments against lower speed limits

Alistair Woodward, Professor of Epidemiology & Biostatistics debunks the myths and arguments surrounding lower speed limits on Auckland's roads.

Policies / Regulations 1 Jul 2019

The benefits of slower speeds and the Safe Speeds programme

Hamish Mackie, Director Mackie Research, asks what sort of city Auckland should follow when it comes to transport planning.

Dogs 28 Jun 2019

Renew your dog registration online for your chance to win

Renew your dog registration online and be in to win a The Secret Life of Pets 2 movie pack.

Policies / Regulations 28 Jun 2019

Future challenges facing older Aucklanders

Like many cities around the world, Auckland is facing the challenges of a rapidly ageing population with those over 65 years growing faster than any other age group.

Waste 28 Jun 2019

No single-use plastic shopping bags from 1 July

Pack a reusable bag when leaving home to avoid being caught bagless as the ban on single-use plastic bags comes into effect on 1 July 2019.

Policies / Regulations 27 Jun 2019

Bottle store staff sell alcohol to minor

Three Auckland bottle stores have failed a recent controlled purchase operation, with staff selling alcohol to a minor.

Heritage 25 Jun 2019

Updated: Proposed Plan Change 26 - submission period extended

Proposed Plan Change 26 relates to the Special Character Areas Overlay of the Auckland Unitary Plan.

Film 21 Jun 2019

Have your say on an updated Auckland Film Protocol

Auckland Council is asking Aucklanders what they think of a refresh to the Auckland Film Protocol.

Policies / Regulations 19 Jun 2019

Auckland Council undertakes firearms audit

Auckland Council has audited the firearms it owns and is making changes to the way it stores, uses and maintains firearms, in accordance with new legislation.

Mayor 17 Jun 2019

Auckland Mayor Calls for radical reform to Building Act and Code

Mayor Phil Goff says the Building Act and Building Code need reform to make them fit for purpose to tackle NZ's housing crisis.

Policies / Regulations 12 Jun 2019

Auckland Council's proposed freedom camping bylaw

Consultation has now closed on Auckland Council's proposed freedom camping bylaw.