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Protecting Auckland's environment

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14-24 year olds 26 Jun 2023

Young environmental leaders step up

Young environmental leaders have attended a sustainability wānanga.

Environment 26 Jun 2023

Promising early results in the fight to conserve rōhutu from myrtle rust

It’s over six years since winds blew a new fungal pathogen onto our shores. The arrival of myrtle rust has seen many of our native species infected with the fungus.

Climate action 20 Jun 2023

Little red digger slashes emissions

For the first time, Auckland Council’s Healthy Waters stormwater team is trialing an electric digger on its maintenance operations, a first in the southern hemisphere.

Community 20 Jun 2023

Howick celebrates moth plant competition winners

There is a war taking place across the motu – a war against the moth plant, one that takes over and frequently out-competes and replaces native plants, smothering and strangling whatever it climbs on.

Community 19 Jun 2023

The Curious Case of the Curious Minds project in the restoration of the Waokauri Stream

The ambitious Curious Minds project of Aorere College’s Year 9 students laid the groundwork for the restoration of a nearby stream.

Environment 19 Jun 2023

Franklin updates its pesky plant poster

Now you download a copy of the Franklin Local Board weed wanted list.

Community 14 Jun 2023

Little ones go large in moth plant hunt

Pest Free South Auckland's moth plant hunters have made a mountain of difference.

Waste 12 Jun 2023

The best of both worlds - compost and food scraps

While home composting is still the preferred option to treat food scraps, not all Aucklanders can compost and not all food scraps can be easily composted. Auckland Council’s food scraps collection service means that food scraps, which would end u...