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Heritage 23 Jul 2018

How much will Aucklanders pay to live close to a heritage area?

Recent research has revealed Aucklanders are prepared to pay more for a house close to a scheduled heritage place.

City Rail Link 25 Jun 2018

Opinion: Auckland's emerging story

Auckland Design Champion Ludo Campbell-Reid takes stock of how fast the region is changing.

Housing 22 May 2018

Opinion: the true cost of building consents

Penny Pirrit, Auckland Council's Director Regulatory Services, sets the record straight about building consents.

Environment 27 Apr 2018

Tips for keeping your house warm

Is your house ready for winter?

Housing 19 Apr 2018

Council green lights next step to unlock $300 million housing fund

Auckland Council today moved a step closer to unlocking up to $300 million in funding for housing infrastructure in the northwest.

Housing 14 Mar 2018

Car park-less buildings - the way of the future?

Ludo Campbell-Reid discusses a new car park-less building on TVNZ's Breakfast

Plans / Projects 13 Dec 2017

Briefing to incoming government

We've provided the new government with an overview on major issues and opportunities facing Auckland.

Housing 6 Dec 2017

What's really happening to house prices?

The latest fall in Auckland house prices is not big at all. It's certainly a market adjustment but its not a crash.

Community 17 Nov 2017

ACP cladding investigation update

Auckland Council’s investigation into buildings across the Auckland region that potentially have aluminum composite panels (ACP) in their construction is nearing completion.

Housing 16 Nov 2017

A quick guide to property revaluations

Each year, the council’s budget sets out the amount of rates needed to keep Auckland running. Once the budget is set, we need to work out how much each ratepayer should pay.

Development 26 Oct 2017

New homes set to meet Homestar rating

Panuku adopts Homestar rating to deliver healthier, more energy efficient homes for Auckland.

Housing 17 Oct 2017

A guide to cross lease properties

Cross leases can be complicated and not everyone is aware of their rights and responsibilities – or what Auckland Council’s obligations are.

Housing 17 Oct 2017

Property revaluations have started

Auckland Council has started its three-yearly revaluation of all Auckland properties, to update the information used to determine the value of rateable properties.

Housing 27 Sep 2017

Funding future greenfield infrastructure

Over the next 30 years, the cost for new infrastructure is around $20 billion to $30 billion. How should this be funded?

Community 22 Sep 2017

What can Auckland learn from Toronto?

The Auckland Conversations: Liveable=Affordable event was held on Friday 22 September at the Viaduct Events Centre, as part of the RMLA conference.

Housing 14 Sep 2017

Auckland Unitary Plan update

Limited rights of appeal against Auckland Council’s decision to accept the recommendations made by the Independent Hearings Panel on Redhills Precinct are now available.