Housing 17 Oct 2017

Property revaluations have started

Auckland Council has started its three-yearly revaluation of all Auckland properties, to update the information used to determine the value of rateable properties.

Housing 27 Sep 2017

Funding future greenfield infrastructure

Over the next 30 years, the cost for new infrastructure is around $20 billion to $30 billion. How should this be funded?

Business / Economy 22 Sep 2017

What can Auckland learn from Toronto?

The Auckland Conversations: Liveable=Affordable event was held on Friday 22 September at the Viaduct Events Centre, as part of the RMLA conference.

Housing 14 Sep 2017

Auckland Unitary Plan update

Limited rights of appeal against Auckland Council’s decision to accept the recommendations made by the Independent Hearings Panel on Redhills Precinct are now available.

Housing 23 Aug 2017

Housing First places 150 people into homes

Mayor Phil Goff is thrilled with Housing First's progress over four months that has seen 150 people supported into 93 permanent homes across Auckland.

Development 23 Aug 2017

A very simple guide to the unitary plan

Everyone has questions about the Auckland Unitary Plan. Here are some answers.

Housing 20 Jul 2017

You can now apply for building consents online

You can now complete every step of the building and resource consenting process online.

Business / Economy 18 Jul 2017

What is happening in the city centre?

From business development to cycle ways, the City Rail Link, the waterfront, parks improvements, growing transport options and not to mention housing - it is full on downtown.

Housing 12 Jul 2017

Refreshed strategy for future urban areas

Around 137,000 homes and 70,000 jobs will come through the refreshed strategy, almost half of which is proposed to be development ready over the next 10 years.

Housing 12 Jul 2017

$300 million infrastructure investment will help create 10,500 homes

The $300 million of new funding provided through the Housing Infrastructure Fund will unlock housing development in Auckland's north-west via investment in transport, wastewater and stormwater projects earmarked by Auckland Council as priority, fast-track initiatives.

Community 4 Jul 2017

Putting people at the centre of urban design

The Auckland Design Manual has introduced a new tool to help architects and designers cater for people of all physical abilities and stages of life when they are designing buildings and public spaces.

Plans / Projects 29 Jun 2017

Appeals pass half-way mark

The majority of Unitary Plan appeals are expected to be completed by the end of the year.

Business / Economy 29 May 2017

The unitary plan: What do the zones mean?

Single House Zone, Mixed Urban Zone ... what are zones, how do they work, and what do they mean for your neighbourhood?

Community 9 May 2017

Works begin on housing site in Hobsonville Point

Works began on an Auckland Council-owned site in Hobsonville Point, paving the way for more than 400 homes.

Community 1 May 2017

Every day is different for friends who met on the job

Phillip Atuahiua and Brendon Collinson reckon there’s great job satisfaction in surveying houses.

Community 28 Apr 2017

New home comes as welcome surprise

When Glen Innes resident Uili Pao-Salu found out he and his family were moving into a new house, he didn’t tell anyone for two weeks.