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Community 8 Apr 2016

Quality urban design makes for healthier communities

How communities are planned and designed has a positive effect on the health of residents, says Auckland Council urban design champion Ludo Campbell-Reid.

Community 6 Apr 2016

Have you seen the sign?

Installation of trial signage has now been completed in a number of areas.

Community 30 Mar 2016

Skye’s vision for Auckland

New-York based Kiwi and Global Street Cities Designer Skye Duncan was recently in Auckland headlining Auckland Conversations for her presentation on Changing Streets to Change the World.

Development 16 Mar 2016

Watch: Auckland's laneway transformations

Auckland Council’s design champion Ludo Campbell-Reid and his team have been involved with a number of laneway transformations around the city – and the results for businesses and pedestrians have been impressive.

Cultural 22 Dec 2015

Cycleway murals celebrate natural heritage

New and upgraded underpasses on the Northwestern Cycleway feature art inspired by the natural heritage and resources of the area.

Beaches 24 Nov 2015

Five years as a united Auckland – Part 6: A healthy city

In the final of our six-part series, we look initiatives to make Auckland’s environment healthier.

Dogs 17 Nov 2015

Top tips to keep dogs safe

Auckland Council encourages the use of positive reinforcement as the best way to train your dog.

Cultural 29 Sep 2015

First World War Heritage Trail

Auckland’s First World War Heritage Trail highlights 56 sites, from Wellsford to Waiuku.

Beaches 29 Sep 2015

50 years of regional parks

Auckland’s regional parks help provide safe havens for some of New Zealand’s most treasured indigenous species.

Beaches 29 Sep 2015

Explore the hidden gems in our parks network

Places to visit and things to do in our regional parks.

Walkways 29 Sep 2015

Discover Weymouth Walkway

Weymouth Walkway is a paved path that runs approximately 4.5km alongside the Manukau Harbour and Puhinui Creek inlet.