Plans / Projects 30 Sep 2016

Unitary Plan soon to be operative in part

Auckland Council’s Governing Body has resolved to make the Auckland Unitary Plan operative in part.

Housing 29 Sep 2016

Airbnb signs on to assist during disaster relief

Airbnb has signed an historic agreement with Auckland Council to provide accommodation support in the event of natural disasters.

Housing 27 Sep 2016

Watch: Len's final thoughts on the unitary plan

Auckland Mayor Len Brown has described the Auckland Unitary Plan as the most important piece of work undertaken by Auckland Council in its first two terms.

Housing 16 Sep 2016

Plan to make Whenuapai a model urban community

Plans for the urbanisation of Whenuapai as a model for sustainable greenfield development have been approved.

Housing 9 Sep 2016

Auckland adds 43,000 new residents in the June year

In the past year, Auckland’s population grew by more than 43,000 people and more than 1.57 million people now call Tāmaki Makaurau home.

Plans / Projects 7 Sep 2016

What the unitary plan means for your neighbourhood

A historic moment in New Zealand planning history and a new landmark for Auckland’s future has been reached with final decisions completed on the Auckland Unitary Plan.

Community 25 Aug 2016

Housing for older Aucklanders to be redeveloped

Auckland Council’s portfolio of homes for older Aucklanders has received a major boost with today’s approval to redevelop the villages and partner with The Selwyn Foundation.

Business / Economy 11 Aug 2016

New Progress Snapshot boosts council’s transparency

New initiative offers performance 'shapshot' at a glance.

Housing 29 Jul 2016

Faster building consents on the way

Auckland Council’s building and resource divisions are being upgraded to make building consents easier, faster, more consistent and more tailored to customers’ needs.

Housing 21 Jul 2016

Affordable housing in Auckland

While the council doesn’t build houses it does have a wide range of responsibilities in relation to housing including building and resource consents and planning rules and it works closely with central government, community agencies and the private sector to support work in the social and emergency housing areas.

Housing 11 Jul 2016

Downsizing to an apartment

Downsizing from a family home to an apartment can open up opportunities for a change in lifestyle, meeting new friends and exploring a new community, according to Aucklanders who’ve made the move.

Housing 7 Jul 2016

A plan for all of us

You'll start to see our Unitary Plan campaign over the coming weeks.

Housing 4 Jul 2016

Aucklanders want intensified housing done well

New research by Auckland Council suggests more Aucklanders agree with intensification for the city's future growth under the Unitary Plan.

Housing 23 Jun 2016

Auckland building activity at all-time high

The Building and Housing Minister Dr Nick Smith and Auckland Mayor Len Brown have released the latest Auckland Housing Accord monitoring report.

Housing 21 Jun 2016

Penny Hulse: Industry needs to move over house build delay

Around 20,000 to 30,000 new dwellings are needed to meet the current shortage and another 13,000 a year to keep pace with Auckland's growth. Last calendar year, the council consented just over 9000 dwellings, which is the most since 2005, but still not enough.

Housing 21 Jun 2016

Opinion: Quality housing for all

Deputy Mayor Penny Hulse replies to critics of the Auckland Council’s latest proposal on the Unitary Plan.